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The concept of microdot technology as an additional vehicle identifier which enables whole of vehicle marking (WOVM) rests on the following important factors:

  1. The main function of microdots is securing the identity of the vehicle through marking the vehicle, and its parts, in multiple places with a unique identification number that will make it easier to identify recovered vehicles where the primary and secondary identifiers have been removed.
  2. The strength of microdots as an identification tool is in the number of dots (approximately 8 000) and the fact that dots are applied in overt and covert places
  3. Microdots are mainly used as a forensic tool by police services to give an indication of the identity of the vehicle.
  4. The investigation process followed by the police when using microdots to determine the identity of a vehicle or part does not differ from the process followed when using the current VIN, Engine number or covert markings.
  5. A motor vehicle and its parts can be marked with microdots indicating a different unique identification number other than the VIN number (i.e. can be microdotted more than once).
  6. Microdots do not replace the need for other security measurers (e.g. vehicle tracking, locks, alarm systems and immobiliser systems).
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